Certified International Property Specialist – Makeda Phillander

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CIPS Education Buying or selling real estate is already likely to be one of the most complicated transactions most individuals will undertake in their lifetime. Add in foreign regulations, different cultures, fluctuating exchange rates, and unknown market conditions and it becomes apparent that there is a significant need to hire a professional. To help clients overcome these challenges, guerilla / … Read More

Estate Sale and Administration Survival Guide

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Estate Sale and Administration Survival GuideBy Rachel RabinowitzThe administration of an estate can be a difficult assignment, especially if the loss was sudden or unexpected. I learned this first hand a few years ago. Working in the auction industry, I’ve worked with families on a number of estate accounts over the years. Here is some insight I’ve learned from the … Read More

Sign More Business by Meeting in Person

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Sign More Business by Meeting in Person Last summer my friend Marcia brought me a few gifts from her garden including a small bouquet of “Rosemary to Remember”. With this gift she created a fun memory that keeps our get-together fresh in my mind, even six months later. I had a great week in my real estate practice. I signed … Read More

Real Estate is About Money, Honey

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Real Estate is About Money, Honeyby Rachel Rabinowitz Wouldn’t be nice if real estate was simply about houses? It sure would make my job a lot more fun. Real estate is about money, honey. Before you get ready to cruise open houses you need to get your financial affairs in order. US Currency + Baltimore B Note “I spend more … Read More

The Pursuit of Excellence

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The Pursuit of Excellenceby Rachel Rabinowitz “The pursuit of excellence is not only a worthy goal it’s also a key to personal freedom.” The year was 1989 and this quote hung on a giant banner over my middle school cafeteria outside of Washington DC. It was the proud motto of a Napoleonic principal who felt so strongly about its sentiments … Read More