Invest in Baltimore’s Greenmount West

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Greenmount West is the most residential neighborhood within the Station North Arts District featuring blocks of row-homes and warehouses mixed together. Many artists, families and students call this neighborhood home, which creates a diverse population of residents owning and renting.

The neighborhood was once an industrial zone, hosting the Crown Cork & Seal group of warehouses, which produced the locally invented “crown cork” bottle cap. Now, the warehouses including The Cork Factory and the infamous Copycat Building have been hosting artists live + work spaces for decades, including studios, art galleries, and performance venues. Beyond the Copycat artist-owned Area 405 and The Bell Foundry are also players in the neighborhood, along with a favorite, The Station North Tool Library. The SNTL provides classes and tools to the community and often hosts happy hours for the neighborhood art-walk.




Another notable art space includes Open Works, a new initiative that parallels the manufacturing history of the neighborhood. It acts as an incubator for creative professionals, granting access to machines from new digital technologies to heavy-duty production methods. The facility positions itself to host a greater dialogue for the cross-pollination of ideas, like independent architects, programmers, or fashion designers. Open Works further cultivates this rich environment by also generating jobs for many artists within their field of expertise, an exciting and often rare opportunity in this city.




Alloverstreet (a play on Oliver Street) is a monthly art-walk that was founded several years ago because of the density of art spaces in these few blocks. It’s always a busy night that brings people from across the city who can experience the array of happenings.




Greenmount West also contains two unconventional schools, a K-8 Montessori, and the Baltimore Design School that is in the state of the art renovated Coat Factory. These educational centers keep the neighborhood bustling with energy and are cool resources for Baltimore City children.

On the east edge of the neighborhood is Greenmount Cemetery, a macabre treasure. It is a nineteenth century garden cemetery, which includes rolling hills, elaborate flora, and historic statues throughout. It is a beautiful place for a jog or stroll, if cemeteries are your thing. You might even run into some notorious graves, including Elijah Bond, the inventor of the Ouija Board, John Wilkes Booth, or the more revered Johns Hopkins or Enoch Pratt.




On the north border is North Avenue, to the west is the commercial part of the arts district with bars, restaurants, theater, etc., and to the south are the train tracks of Penn Station.

Considering buying into Greenmount West? While it was commonplace to acquire fixer-upper properties, developers have caught onto the interest in the neighborhood and finding a fixer-upper below 100k is not what it used to be. Houses start fully renovated at 140k and now climb into the low 300s based on scale. However, it’s still possible to own a home for under $1000/month.

This year guerilla / realty has been busy in Greenmount West, one notable property includes 330 East Lafayette, which has a stellar mural painted on the side by Josh Van Horne that recalls both the neighborhood’s history of manufacturing as well as the current art and music scene.




Another exciting property that just went on the market is the warehouse at 325 East Oliver Street. It offers over 17,000 sq ft of interior space, plus parking for 18 cars and is in walking distance to Penn Station. This building is an important part of the fabric of the arts corridor, situated amongst the other arts converted warehouses. 325 East Oliver is on the market for $1.4 million by Long and Foster.




Needless to say, a neighborhood with such a busy agenda has an active community group, the Greenmount West Community Association, who help maintain the various green-spaces scattered throughout, run a resourceful website, and much more. Blocks away are Penn Station, The Bolt Bus, MICA, Hopkins, and plenty of entertainment including live theater productions, outdoor music and dance performances, an independent film theater, and weekly flea markets. Want more information? Schedule an appointment with a guerilla.