10 Signs You Should Be A Guerilla/Realty Agent



1. The only last name you want on your real estate sign is yours.

2. You are passionate about Fair Housing and you also support equal pay. You
would not want to work in a brokerage where some agents are paid better
than others.

3. Broker generated leads would enhance your practice

4. The challenge of finding clever, cool, and creative ways to market real estate
appeals to you.

5. You think agents who don’t use professional photography are doing a
disservice to their clients.

6. Working in an office that has hundreds of agents and / or affiliating with a
broker that has thousands of agents does not make you feel special.

7. You agree that knowledge is power and study the regional contract like it’s
your job.

8. The idea of lead generation from cold calling or knocking on doors seems

9. Your interest in real estate is broad; you’d consider adding development,
renovation, raw land, mixed use, or commercial real estate to your practice.

10. You believe you can enhance your real estate career by expanding your
knowledge of architecture, interior design, furniture, and fine art.

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