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Sign More Business by Meeting in Person

Last summer my friend Marcia brought me a few gifts from her garden including a small bouquet of “Rosemary to Remember”. With this gift she created a fun memory that keeps our get-together fresh in my mind, even six months later.

I had a great week in my real estate practice. I signed two new estate auctions and wrote a counter-offer for my luxury seller. I received leads from my SOI for four new properties throughout Maryland and I prepared for a settlement on Monday.

Reflecting in my library this morning I went over my actions last week, wanting to see what made it so especially productive. It seemed to meld together, all those phone calls, emails, and time in the car. What stood out is that I had 4 significant face-to-face meetings this week.

I had signed more business by meeting in person.

I had also (in some cases) asked for letters of recommendation - a move that I'm usually a bit shy about. That's right, by meeting in person I was no longer scoring field goals, it became a game of touchdowns.

All of my face-to-face meetings this week were at my clients or associates location. This involved a meeting over a kitchen table on a Saturday night, a conference room meeting with a Prudential agent in Washington DC, and a meeting at a gas station with a seller who could only squeeze in our appointment as he ran his business.

By making sure I was meeting with my client on their turf and under their terms, they were comfortable having extended conversations with me - which are critical to selling in today's turbulent market. These conversations also led me to having a deeper understanding of their needs. And guess what? These conversations also led to discussions about their other real estate projects.

Forget about creating the perfect email blast. Get out there and campaign for yourself. Do it with a smile and an air of calm. Ask someone to lunch. Drive that extra mile. Get together with your clients and associates in person.

It is the best way to say "you matter to me", and that is exactly the right way to sign great accounts and create future deals.

Sign more business this year by meeting in person.
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