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Guerilla x The Jungle

By Amanda Dukehart

Ahhhh breathe it in. The feelings are real. Whether you’re listing your home for sale or just trying to bring some life indoors, houseplants spark a special kind of bliss. The bright, dark and sometimes speckled green leaves not only make us feel good mentally, but physically as well.

All about the intense appeal plants bring to real estate, the 1990 romantic comedy ‘Green Card’ tells the story of an American woman, Brontë Parrish, who makes a deal to enter a sham marriage with a Frenchman. He needs to marry to obtain a green card and she needs him to secure an NYC apartment with a greenhouse in it. (The board of trustees overseeing the apartment building only rents to married couples.)

Movie Still from Green Card circa 1990

If, like Brontë, you need a full-on jungle in your home … or if you just want to add some pops of green, there are too many benefits to decorating with houseplants to count. Here are just a few.

Did you know? Studies have shown indoor plants:

  • Provide cleaner air
  • Boost mood
  • Increase productivity and concentration
  • Act as a natural humidifier
  • Neutralize cigarette smoke
  • Cools the room temperature
  • Reduce noise (Yes, this is a fact)

Getting back to Nature

Ever feel like a walk in the park gives you that mood booster you needed? That’s because when we get in touch with nature, we are scientifically reducing stress. Even momentary exposure to nature has been shown to make us more altruistic and cooperative.

It’s true when they say plants make people happy. When you are listing your home for sale, don’t you want potential buyers to feel inspired when they walk into your property? People think about staging their home for sale all the time, but how often do they consider a minimal approach with plants in focus. In my view, if you just purchased a home, there’s no better way to start decorating than with greenery.

Don’t want to marry Gérard Depardieu to get a ton of plants in your home? B. Willow, a local Baltimore shop which has gained a ton of exposure and has two locations (Canton and Remington), is providing them - no green card marriage required.

To quote B. Willow directly, they say “With a focus on Baltimore, we hope to bring more nature into people's homes, businesses, schools, and organizations. For thousands of years, to be human was to be part of nature. There was no separation. To be alive meant to be completely immersed in our natural surroundings, utilizing our senses in myriad ways. Today's world is much different. We've lost that daily, frequent interaction with nature and moved indoors. Bringing more natural elements indoors is one way to blend the in with the out. If our reality entails a predominantly indoor lifestyle, we can still experience the vast benefits of nature through houseplants.”

The owner and founder of the shop, Liz Vayda, is ready to bring the jungle (or as much of it as you would like) to your home -- whether for a property listing, open house, or a home you just purchased.

Interested in hearing more? Shoot me an email and we can discuss your options, prices and more! Let’s get green and go guerilla!


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