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Why Patterson Park

by Amanda Dukehart

Snuggled above Canton and east of Butchers Hill, Patterson Park is a community of its own. Also known as Highlandtown, the Historic area was a popular area for businessmen, butchers and brewers. It was originally called “Snake Hill”, but the in 1866 the town called a meeting and decided to change the name to something they found more suitable. Personally, I like Snake Hill. Now there is a local bar in the area called just that, so I guess they liked the name too.

I came to know the area because of the popular Dog Park. Two years ago I adopted the sweetest, but also most hyper Pittbull/boxer mix from a local shelter called Barcs. I own a home with a big backyard, but it’s not enough for my girl, whose name is Roo by the way. Soon after moving into my home, which is in the Hamilton area, I found out about the Dog Park in Patterson Park. I had never taken my pup to a dog park before so was a little hesitant. After my first trip, I was hooked. It’s a large space with 6+ foot fencing all the way around. It features a double entry way at both ends for extra security when entering and leaving the park. This is crucial when your dog is also an escape artist. There is another fence that separates the small dogs from the big dogs as well. The park is equipped with a mini pool for the dogs during Summer, drinking water, free poop bags (necessary), and benches for the parents. The only negative is that I don’t live closer.

Surrounded by grass and trees, the park also includes a swimming pool and ice-skating rink. Throughout the year, many events are hosted here including food truck festivals, summer concerts by the historic Pagoda, the annual Halloween lantern parade and Latino Fest.

Another big draw to the neighborhood and also a community hub is the Creative Alliance. They host all types of events such as art shows, shopping events, movie nights, live music and theatre/comedy. The list goes on. A little farther east in Highlandtown, you will find the trendy Monument Brewing as well as Urban Axes, a place where you can drink a beer and literally throw axes.

As if you needed more reasons to like Patterson Park, they have a corner coffee shop called Patterson Perk, which is where you will find the locals. Situated across the street, is Bmore Licks, an ice cream shop. They have a walk-up window, which features doggie ice cream and dog treats. It isn’t the cheap frozen kind either. I haven’t had a chance to check them out, but I’ve been told there are several authentic Latin restaurants and bodegas that are a must. There’s also an Italian Deli called Di Pasquale’s which has over 300 five star reviews on Yelp.

If your thinking about buying a home in the city, but not sure what neighborhood, I strongly suggest this cozy little neighborhood. Our listing at 119 N Decker Ave is a stand alone. While the area is filled with rowhomes that feature the standard granite countertops and exposed brick, this home is a piece of art. Meticulously designed by Charlene Doverspike, the 2 bed 2 bath home has light throughout with a big skylight upstairs. There is plenty of closet space and a finished basement with a private office/studio room. In the back you’ll find a secluded space for your morning coffee and space to grow your owns herbs, flower and veggies during the warmer months. While every section of Baltimore is unique in its own way, you’re sure to find a home here in Patterson Park.

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