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Your Wedding Registry: Build a Down Payment

Have you considered your happily ever after?

by Makeda Phillander




Your wedding day is quickly approaching and it’s time to build your registry. You can fill your registry with gravy boats and china, but some couples have a different kind of wedding gift in mind. What many of them want most is a place of their own – more precisely, the down payment that is the key to unlocking the front door of their new home. It’s a smart gift for the modern couple.

Online registry is the best option, we love the ease of Tendr. It’s a clean, attractive platform for receiving cash gifts for special occasions. It’s easy to use for you and your guests, and is even Vogue approved!

Consider This

You already have the fancy juice extractor, the lux duvet cover and the extra tall wine glasses of Scandal fame. A Down Payment Registry goes beyond the idea of purchasing a single item. Helping you get into your first home is a contribution that you will never forget. It means being a part of your overall life experience and well being. After all, buying a home and getting married are two of life’s biggest events. It seems fitting to connect the two.

5 reasons to opt for a Down Payment Registry

  • Saves Time – You won’t have to go through endless items trying to cover a wide price range to accommodate your guests’ budgets
  • Practical – Guests won’t be stuck having to buy something outside their budget because certain gifts were already bought
  • Smart – Makes your home purchase more affordable
  • Valuable – Friends and family can help you acquire an asset that may appreciate in value over the years instead of collecting dust
  • Memorable – Gives your guests the opportunity to share one of your major life events.


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