Hoes Heights


Hoes Heights


Hoes Heights is a quaint neighborhood just north of Hampden, right before Roland Park. The north border is Cold Spring Lane and to the south is 41st Street, right at the Giant grocery store and shopping center. The west border is Falls Road, and the east is Evans Chapel Road.

The neighborhood is tidy, peaceful, and is known for it’s family friendly nature. It’s tight knit in the way where everyone knows their neighbors and looks after each other. Hoes Heights is remarkably walkable, with both the Greenspring Tower Square and The Rotunda in the immediate vicinity. Those offer several grocery stores, pharmacies, dry cleaners, a movie theater, and more.

The history of Hoes Heights can be traced back to Grandison Hoe, who was a farmer and freed slave who bought the parcel of land in the late 1800’s. Hoe used the land to operate his farm and raised his family there with his wife, Lucy Hoe, as well. As his children grew up, they also built homes on the land, and soon other members of the family followed.

Industry shifted and farm work fell away. The Great Depression hit and the Hoe sold some of the land, which was developed into row homes and eventually housed mostly African American WWII veterans. The neighborhood continued to change and grow, but it maintains its close-knit, friendly nature and lovely character.

Thanks to this Maryland Historical Society blog for the information.