I Practice Psychic Real Estate



I Practice Psychic Real Estate

by Rachel Rabinowitz

This blog article is a true story.

I practice psychic real estate and I suspect many of us do. By “coming out” with this story I’m keenly aware that I’m making the case for myself being a fruit-loop. Psychic ability is like athletic ability, we’ve all got it, and some are more skilled than others. When you’re in the business of helping people find their new home a little bit of intuition goes a long way. The following is a true story that happened in Baltimore Maryland yesterday afternoon, names have been changed.

It was my first appointment with Monica*, she was referred to me by another client and while we had emailed back and forth we had not met until yesterday afternoon. She had sent her "wish list" and I had set appointments at 3 properties that I thought fit the bill. Currently Baltimore is having an inventory shortage so I let Monica know that it was my practice that to go beyond what is being offered in the multiple list and network in a target neighborhood to see if anyone is interested in selling who is not already on the market.

Before we left my office, I explained that I wanted to show her 4 properties however one had canceled.

We had been cruising around with the air conditioning on, yet as I turned onto a quiet street I decided to roll down the windows and get fresh air. As soon as I did that I saw a woman in her yard - her gaze met mine.

"Hello" I called out and waved, "I'm a real estate agent and we are just taking a look at this beautiful neighborhood". The woman took a harder look at us as I slowed the car to a stop and then said "I want to sell my house". I looked at my buyer, she looked at me and we parked the car.

Not wanting to be one of those typical pushy real estate agents, I played it cool, nevertheless I had this gut feeling that this was a special encounter. The house sat on a well tended corner lot across from a small private park. The woman introduced herself as Julie* and invited us in to see the house. Julie let us know that her husband had passed away over the summer and that today was the first day that she had gone outside to tend to her garden. As we entered the house a pie was cooling on the kitchen counter. The enticing smell of baked goods in a house are a favorite feel-good ploy of many a Realtor.

Without going into too many details, I can tell you that the house was EXACTLY what my buyer Monica was looking for. Julie's late husband and Monica are in the same profession, so the top floor of the house was specifically set up for her needs.

Monica turned to me (I was speechless) and uttered "surely you set this up?". (Nope, just fate at work). Monica and Julie got to know each other a bit more. They both are from Michigan* and upon further investigation, they both know many of the same people here in town. Julie let us know that her plans were to move to her vacation house and after six years of caring for her declining husband, she was ready to move on. Detail after detail unfolded, it seemed that this was truly meant-to-be.

Driving back to my office with Monica, I noted that we had in-fact been able to see four properties after all. The two of us chatted, I wanted to make sure that she did not feel any type of pressure to act on what had appeared to be stars aligning before our eyes.

The email I got from Monica a few hours later said it all "Rachel, I feel like I walked in and out of the GOOD Twilight Zone this afternoon !!?? Thank you so much for showing me the places and being at the right place at the right time to meet Julie".

I practice psychic real estate. What this means to me is that I take time to really look carefully and listen to what my clients are telling me both through their conversations and through their gestures and reactions. There is a great pleasure in seeing someone walk into a space that will become their future home. You can just feel it.

Real estate can be about destiny.

Rachel Rabinowitz GRI
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