Meet Our Agents – Amanda



In a digital age, real estate clients come to the marketplace prepared. Buyers typically search on their own for many months before engaging an agent to represent them. And we know this just isn't about being casual, most people want to avoid engaging the wrong professional. But how do you know you've got the right agent? Is it 5-star reviews? Sponsored ads on social media? Sure, this is a good start. But if you dig deeper, you'll see it's about chemistry. You should hire an agent that makes you feel empowered. "Meet the Agents" is the guerilla realty guide to our professionals.

Meet Amanda Dukehart

How long have you worked in real estate? What did you do prior?

I have been a licensed realtor now for 2 years. Prior to real estate, I owned my own clothing company. So much of what I learned through running my own company has transferred seamlessly into what I do as a real estate agent. Between negotiating with suppliers, thinking outside of the box or just understanding the realities of a business that runs 24/7, I am very familiar with the hustle.


Recently you launched Guerilla Realty's Mid Century Society, what's the thought behind organizing this group?

My idea behind the MCM society is to bring together a community of people who have an appreciation for this style of architecture whether that be through my weekly newsletter, social events, or local tours. I love working with like-minded people as it makes the process of buying or selling so much more enjoyable and beneficial for the client. There’s something special about mid century modern that goes way beyond talking points and teleports you into another era.

You started at a franchise brokerage and switched to Guerilla, what made you decide an indie brokerage is a good fit for you?

When I first got my license I just assumed I would have to link up with a franchise brokerage to get my start. Of course, I realized there were smaller brokerages out there, but it never dawned on me that there were cool ones. Ha. Everything from the meaning behind the Guerilla name to the people I get to work alongside, have made this indie brokerage the perfect fit for me. All agents are essentially independent contractors, but to feel like you are aligning yourself with a company that stands for all the right things all while truly appreciating the art that is architecture is really special.

Your husband is an important part of Guerilla Construction, do you guys talk about "house" all the time?

We kinda do, yea. Of course we have a million other interests outside of real estate, but we really enjoy all the avenues this industry can take you down. It’s also kinda fun to really have an interest in each other's work day. Both of us studied design in college and surround ourselves with creative people. The business of real estate allows us to be creative, take initiative and guerilla realty as a company allows us to go against the grain, which is in our dna. It’s worth mentioning that we don’t actually cross paths 99% percent of the time during the work day as he is usually on the field and I am either at the office or meeting with clients, so it never feels like too much togetherness. Just enough!

You've got an interest in escapist real estate. What are some of the getaway spots that pique your interest?

Oh man. I love to travel and seeing different architecture, hotels, and landscapes really keeps life interesting. Half of what makes real estate so fun is that there is truly no limit. There are so many places I have travelled to that I would love to go back to.. Like Peru, Thailand and France. Where it’s staying in an old inca hut, monkey filled tree house or french countryside cottage it’s always an adventure. While I could easily say I want to go to some extotic and far out place next (and I do), my next getaway might have to be at a luxury beach hotel in Mexico because I need a bahama mama and some chill time.

2020 has been memorable, and not in a good way! What has it been like selling real estate during the pandemic while civil unrest dominated the news cycle?

Interesting. The beginning of the pandemic was pretty awful..just not knowing what to do or when I would find toilet paper. Since our industry was deemed “essential”, my days started getting busier. I will say that real estate has been like an escape for me. When the world feels like it’s falling down around you I feel lucky to have a job that allows me to help people make some good memories anyway (like buying a house!) . In the dark there is light. While it’s been arguably a very bad no good year, I do believe it’s brought up important discussions between family, friends and businesses that had to happen in order for us to move forward as a community. I hope that communication continues into 2021 and we only grow stronger from it. / (410) 241-5556