Meet Our Agents – Shanna



In a digital age, real estate clients come to the marketplace prepared. Buyers typically search on their own for many months before engaging an agent to represent them. And we know this just isn't about being casual, most people want to avoid engaging the wrong professional. But how do you know you've got the right agent? Is it 5-star reviews? Sponsored ads on social media? Sure, this is a good start. But if you dig deeper, you'll see it's about chemistry. You should hire an agent that makes you feel empowered. "Meet the Agents" is the guerilla realty guide to our professionals.

Meet Shanna Moinizand

How long have you worked in real estate? What did you do prior?

I've been in real estate since 2018. Prior to getting into real estate, I worked in the restaurant industry and worked for various small business owners. My mother has been in the real estate industry since 2003 - so I always had an interest and good understanding of the business.


2020 has been a challenging year, yet you've been the top salesperson at Guerilla Realty during the pandemic. To what do you attribute your success?

The pandemic has people wanting more space and a sense of control. In Baltimore, you'll find it usually makes more sense to own rather than rent. This is especially relevant with the low rates we have seen this year.

My clients are drawn to working with me because I'm a strong negotiator and advocate, but I also have a holistic approach to real estate. When the world's weight can feel heavier than ever, people want an advisor who will be a compassionate guide through this process.

Your practice includes selling boutique commercial properties? How did you get into this market?

I've sparked an interest in mixed-use and commercial spaces through my connections with the local creative community. Baltimore has a strong DIY ethic - there's a lot of opportunities and a supportive community for creatives & small business owners, with this comes from the need for boutique commercial properties. I love learning about the history of the buildings & helping my clients come up with ideas for the use of space.

You've referred to Baltimore's Hamilton neighborhood as a "Punk Rock Retirement Community" - what's going on over there?

This nickname for Hamilton has been around for a while - it stems from an influx of creative professionals & young families moving from rental or first homes in more central city neighborhoods to Northeast Baltimore.

In the Hamilton/Lauraville/Parkville area, you can find affordable single-family homes with a large yard. Here you're close to restaurants, family friendly cafes, bars, and green spaces. There is a strong, tight knit community that is very welcoming to newcomers. I think we continue to see an influx of people moving to that area, it's exciting to see the new small business continuing to pop up along Harford road.

You're Persian, and you've attracted some attention as a real estate authority in the Persian Community, how does that impact your business?

There is a large Persian community in the D.C. area, I find that immigrant communities tend to feel comfortable seeking advice from those with similar backgrounds and experiences. The D.C. area investors who seek my advice do so because I know Baltimore well and keep up with trends buyers are seeking out.

Escapist real estate seems to be a calling of yours, what communities do you think are good candidates for second-home investment?

There has been an influx of millennials purchasing vacation properties as their first home. As someone who is always planning my next vacation- I understand the appeal! This trend is more common in cities with high rent, such as New York. We are lucky to have affordable options in the Baltimore area. I love the idea of finding a home or neighborhood that has the perks of Baltimore, but can also feel like another place. I was drawn to my home in Lake Walker because the architecture reminded me of the craftsman homes I love in Minneapolis or Seattle.

Hampden/ Remington is one of the best ROE neighborhoods right now - it's trendy but much more affordable than similar trendy areas in NYC or L.A. Pigtown, Charles Village & Mt.Vernon are great areas for city dwellers looking for walkability and a good investment. Glen Arm, Glyndon, Hampstead, Jarrettsville are some of my suggestions for those seeking more space & rural communities. Seton Hill is a cute little neighborhood with quick highway access - this area with its rich history reminds me of Boston or the Georgetown Neighborhood of D.C, yet much more affordable! / (301) 922-0506