Q&A with Stephen Trye and Syed Ahmad of Fidelity Direct Mortgage


Q&A with Stephen Trye and Syed Ahmad of Fidelity Direct Mortgage


Stephen Trye and Syed Ahmad of Fidelity Direct Mortgage (FDM), are guerilla / realty preferred lenders. They offer their clients unique programs that aren’t widely available. We asked them a few questions to find out more about their practice and how they serve clients that may have difficulty getting a loan otherwise …


What are the advantages of working with Fidelity Direct? I understand they loan their own money?

Fidelity Direct Mortgage (FDM) is an Independent Direct Mortgage Lender. FDM completes the entire mortgage process, from loan application, to underwriting, to loan closing, so we control the entire procedure. We lend our own money, which enables us to provide quick decisions, and ensure a consistent level of service delivery to our clients. One of the key tenets of our business is “Close On Time Every Time”. If it is important to close your loan on time, FDM is your lending partner.


What types of programs does FDM offer? I remember you mentioned you worked with clients who have low credit scores, offer loans on homes with no downpayment, and have a special in-house lender for renovation loans?  

FDM provides an extensive menu of mortgage programs. We have FHA, VA, USDA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Programs in addition to several State Bond programs. Our underwriting philosophy of “Doc-to-Findings” eliminates all credit overlays. If your loan meets Agency, FHA, VA or USDA guidelines, FDM will approve the loan. This enables FDM to meet the needs of more prospective buyers in the market today. FDM also has several unique programs:

FDM 100 One of the two main challenges to homeownership is the cash required to close. How many clients would like to buy a home today, but do not have the required cash to close? The FDM 100 can provide you the ability to purchase your first home with “No Money Down” and “No Closing Costs”. With the FDM 100 “Homeownership is within Reach!”
FDM Fresh Start The “Great Recession” created an unprecedented real estate market where thousands of clients faced foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy. Now, many of these buyers are reentering the housing market. These buyers are called “Boomerang Buyers”, and they make up an increasing segment of the market. Often, these borrowers do not qualify for traditional mortgage products. The FDM Fresh Start program allows “Boomerang Buyers” who are as little as one-day out of foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy to purchase a home. Traditional mortgage programs require the client to wait three to seven years before entering the market. FDM can get them “Done in One”.
Challenged Credit FDM works with borrowers who have experienced credit challenges. We will go as low as a 560 Credit Score for FHA buyers. (Additional Down payment is required). FDM also has programs that work with prospective clients to improve credit scores. We believe: Time + Motivations + Commitment = Homeownership. Everyone can buy a home!
Self-Employed Solutions With recent change in Real Estate Lending Laws, self employed buyers have been disproportionately impacted, and are having a hard time finding loan solutions. FDM has Self-Employed lending solutions based on Borrower Documented Cash Flow or business performance.
Investor Solutions Real Estate Investors are becoming a more important segment of the market. FDM has Investor Solutions for investors looking to “Flip” properties or Investors looking to acquire Rental Properties. FDM has an innovative Investor Program that qualifies only on the Rental Income of the subject property. No Tax Returns. No 4056 Tax transcripts. No DTI Ratios. No Vacancy Factor. Does the projected Rent cover the mortgage payment? It is that easy!
FDM Renovation Loan FDM provides clients with lending options that allow you to purchase a property, and finance the renovations to make the home you’re buying your “Dream Home” in one loan. The renovations can be everything from cosmetic improvements such as painting or replacing the appliances to complete renovations. This is a great way for you to make money in Real Estate. Just like a “Flip Investor” would do: buy a home, fix it up, then sell the home for a profit. You can “Flip Yourselves”. Buy a home, fix it up, live in your “Dream Home”, and then sell for a profit.


What other details would you like to share about Fidelity?

FDM is a well capitalized 12-Year Old independent Mortgage lender serving Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida and the District of Columbia. Unlike other lenders who focus on Refinance Loans as a major part of their business, FDM focuses on Purchase Money Business and meeting the needs of our Referral Partners. In fact, over 95% of our business has been for clients buying a home! We focus on and understand the home buying process. The FDM Management Team supporting me has over 100-years collective experience in the Mortgage Industry. There is not a challenge the industry presents that they have not seen. We have a “team” approach to support you.

Interested in working with Fidelity Direct Mortgage? Contact Stephen Trye or Syed Ahmad to get started:

Stephen Trye


O: 410-695-3547 ext 102

C: 410-913-4726

Noted as an expert in Mortgage and Real Estate industries, Stephen Trye brings over 15 years of experience his practice. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of Baltimore and has strong ties to the community.

With expertise in mortgage lending and sales from multiple financial institutions, Mr. Trye has a desire to empower others through home ownership and financial freedom. Mr. Trye has been an involved leader for several organizations around Baltimore. He has become a significant resource to his community and colleagues. Stephen Trye leads, mentors and coach’s mortgage professionals and manages all aspects of the business such as client relations, sales generation, training and career development.

He is an advocate in the education of families on financial health through home ownership and stays true to his passion through service to his community, employees and ultimately his clients.






Syed Ahmad


O: (301) 869-6000

C: (202) 439-5406

Syed Ahmed graduated with a Bachelor in Political Science close to home at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  Since 2003, Syed has been a committed loan officer for Fidelity Direct Mortgage LLC. His long term relationship to the mortgage industry has allowed Syed to develop a keen understanding for the market and loan structures. This extensive knowledge permits him to create unique solutions for every client and gives him a wide network of resources to draw on. Throughout his years at FDM, Syed has worked to develop relationships with Ryan Homes, NV Homes, and a myriad of other real estate companies, allowing him to provide every home buyer the perfect options and resources to fulfill their dreams.