Single Family Home at Stellar Price

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Just Sold by Tomeka Givens: 4701 Sunbrook Ave, Baltimore, MD 21206

Tomeka Givens got it right for her client who was in search of a single family home. In a city whose housing stock is rowhome after rowhome, those in search of a stand alone house have to be on their game. A few contenders were in the running but they didn’t stand up in quality when scrutinized. Finally, 4701 Sunbrook Avenue came on the market and there was no comparison.

The home was under the umbrella of St. Ambrose, a non-profit whose mission is to create equal housing opportunities in Baltimore City and promote strong and diverse neighborhoods. When you buy a St. Ambrose home, you get a great deal; all of their homes are updated with new systems, American Home Shield and contractor’s warranties, new appliances, and are affordably priced. They are truly move in ready homes that buyers can feel confident about.

Tomeka submitted the right offer and secured her client’s ideal home – the magical combination of stand alone home, quality updates, and affordably priced.

Tomeka’s exacting nature and client dedication yields competitive results. Looking to buy? Contact her today so you’re already prepared when the spring market arrives.