Sold by Guerilla: The Condominium at 4300 Roland Ave

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The Condominium at 4300 Roland Ave

The Condominium at 4300 Roland Ave


This building has “The Great Gatsby” era glamour (which is “roaring twenties”) a period before the stock market collapse of 1929. It has definite european styling. Features include a spacious second bedroom, refinished hardwood throughout and an oversized bay window in the seating area.
There is an onsite community garden filled with fresh mint – the entire common space behind the building smells like mint which is delightful. This magical property is located adjacent to the Roland Park Water Tower and features the nearby amenities of The Rotunda.

We sold it for $174,300 and Jon Wald of Primary Residential Mortgage did the financing.
Settlement was with Dan Harvey of Cotton Duck Title.