Weeping Water Heater?

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Weeping Water Heater?

It’s 9:15pm on the last Sunday night of winter break and I am willing my 3 year old to pass out finally. Earlier that day, my husband had mentioned that something was mildly leaking in the basement. I wasn’t super concerned and thought, ‘I’ll see how it looks tomorrow morning.’ Then I got the text message. It was a picture of our water heater in a puddle of rusty water. UGH.

So I texted my husband back and said, “dude, that’s a dead water heater.” Commence the panic. I quickly started Googling “what to do when your water heater leaks” and thinking about how I would rearrange my Monday to incorporate contractors and removing my insane dogs from the house as not to get sued by said contractors.

It turns out that many people have asked Google about what to do in this situation so we managed to turn the water running to the water heater off. I used this link to figure out what to do. There are more steps to take if you’re having a major leak or if you are not able to replace the tank within the day. Left unattended, a tank can explode. We still had water but no hot water and for the moment, the heater was out of commission for the time being. Then I turned my attention to procuring a new water heater as quickly as possible.

Much to my surprise, getting a new water heater quickly is relatively simple. I went to HomeDepot.com and searched water heaters. That directed me to a link stating “Select Water Heaters Installed Same Day - Get Started.” Home Depot, you made my heart sing! I clicked on the link, answered a few questions, put in my information and voila: Home Depot had selected a contractor for me, sent them my information and sent me their information. And then, I realized my child had passed out from boredom and exhaustion so I did the same.

First thing in the morning, I ended up calling the plumber the Depot had assigned to me rather than waiting for them to call. D.W. Bahr already had my information as they are assigned to my location and was able to sell me a new water heater before 8am on Monday morning. They were at my house by 12pm and my new water heater was installed by 1:30pm.

So I suppose the moral of this story is: do not panic if your water heater goes kaput at the worst moment. You can have a new one in under 24 hours if needed. Thanks to Home Depot and the very knowledgeable plumbers at D.W. Bahr, our crisis was quickly averted and bath time happened as usual that evening.


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