I wanna buy a home Part 2: I’m newly pre-approved, now what?

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I wanna buy a home Part 2: I'm newly pre-approved, now what?

by Tomeka Givens

Congratulations on your pre-approval! Yay!
(If you haven't yet been pre-approved, read about that process in the first post in this series.)

So now that you:

1. Know your pre-approval status (that you have indeed been pre-approved and not denied)

2. Know your maximum comfort price range.

Your next move is to call me! We will then schedule a good day and time to discuss:

  • Agency - who represents whom in real estate.
  • Expectations of one another - availability, respect for time, and any other expectations.
  • An overview of the process as well as your rights and obligations (i.e. the contract) throughout the process.
  • Ballpark of what to expect to spend out of pocket during the process and finally your desired criteria for a prospective home (style, location, # of beds, # of baths, school zone (if applicable), distance from work, etc.
  • Finally, we will discuss your timeline - the time frame in which you wish / need to be in your home. This is important to know before moving forward. If your time frame is greater than 3 months, then I recommend putting your search on pause until roughly 3 months prior to your desired settlement date.

I will then search properties that fit your desired criteria (if possible). Once found, I will send them to you via email to review. Remember: your first tour of a home is online.

Upon receiving prospective properties, you will let me know your thoughts on each property and which are worthy of a tour. We will then synchronize our schedules to accommodate a tour of the property.

Note: It's okay if you find the property you want in the first few homes. It's not abnormal to have that experience. It is my job to hit the bullseye for you based on your expressed desires in a home. There is a mystique that you have to see 20+ homes before you find the one. This is not true. Don't get caught up in the FOBO (Fear of Better Options) or FOMO (Fear of More Options) syndrome. If you love it and can comfortably afford it, then it's ok to move forward on submitting an offer.

Once you have your financing strategy locked and loaded with a lender, then contact me, Tomeka Givens, RealtorĀ®.

If you have any questions please contact me:
tomeka@go-guerilla.com / (443) 845-1137