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9 Inspiring Baltimore Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


The right bathroom remodel idea can transform your bathroom into a serene space and make an old bathroom look new.  It’s also one of the best ways to add value to your home.  

If you’re looking for where to start in your bathroom remodel, ideas for how to upgrade a small bathroom or how to make an old bathroom look new, read on.  It’s all here in some of our favorite bathroom remodel ideas from projects here in Baltimore.  

Wood Slat Walls

Instant sophistication with an eastern sensibility. Wood slat walls as a design trend are only becoming more and more prevalent. 

Bathroom remodel examples



Whether it’s a poured concrete sink or a polished concrete floor, concrete is a contemporary design trend that keeps getting better. We first started to see concrete sinks in trendy hotels around 2010 and over the past ten years it’s become more prevalent in residential bathrooms. There is so much you can do with concrete, the ability to customize the color and the forms is endless. 


Pocket Doors

Most bathrooms are small, electing to save space by installing pocket doors is a smart move.

Maximizing space by not needing room to swing a door never gets old. Installing doors is a specialization within carpentry, fine tuning adjustments are best done by experienced hands.



Related to the concrete trend, Terrazzo is a poured material often consisting of marble or granite chips set into cement. It has a vintage feel, as it was often used in modern and art deco design. It’s an ideal material for renovating mid-century modern spaces. Colors range from black and white, to tortoise shell, to shades of pink. It’s jazzy.

Terrazo bathroom for guerilla blog

Matte Brass Fixtures

Like jewelry for your bathroom, brass fixtures can add a pop of luxury. The color finish is a softer than the shiny fixtures you may have grown up with…..often mixed with crystal accents. Don’t be scarred, this is contemporary brass. It does not shout, it glows. 


Botanical Green

Whether it’s actual plants, or just an introduction of green color. Anything plant green is perfectly on trend. In fact, consider mixing your green hues by combining Cuban tile and succulents. More is more when it comes to green. Want to know what looks amazing with botanical green? Wood slat walls. 


Custom Niches

Bathrooms house a lot of stuff, think of all that expensive soap and shampoo in elegant bottles. We think the best way to add storage is building in a niche. This 2022 Spring design trend borrows from retail design. Creating a built-in display of your fluffy towels can make a standard space feel special. It’s also a great way to maximize storage space. 

custom bathroom niches

Individual Mirrors

Does your bathroom have a wall of mirrors? Perhaps with a ring of Hollywood dressing room styles light bulbs around the mirror? If that’s the case, it’s time to remodel. Think of yourself as a work of art. Just like a good portrait painting, you want the mirror above your sinks to be individually sized and well framed. We have love for full length mirrors, we just think they are best saved for your dressing room. 


Seamless Glass Shower

This is an ongoing trend, a counterbalance to the fussiness of shower curtains. Nothing makes a space seem larger than installing a seamless glass shower. It’s also great when combined with matte brass fixtures.


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