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Guerilla's Cosmic Guide to Baltimore


Baltimore is a city as diverse and dynamic as the zodiac.

Are you a steadfast Taurus, or a free-spirited Sagittarius, or maybe a mysterious Scorpio? 

Charm City has a neighborhood that resonates with every sign’s astrological DNA.

In this cosmic guide, we’ll explore Baltimore through the lens of the stars. 

You’ll learn what type of home you’d thrive in based on your sign, and discover what neighborhood will suit you based on your sign’s preferences and traits.

Whether you’re an Air sign looking for social buzz, a Water sign seeking a serene oasis, or a Fire sign craving an energetic community, Baltimore has a place for you.

Keep reading to explore Baltimore’s eclectic neighborhoods and find out which neighborhood is cosmically meant for you.



Where to Live in Baltimore Based on Your Astrological Sign

Earth Signs

Earth signs are the practical, grounded bunch of the signs. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are often seen as stable and solid.

Earth signs don’t like too many changes and can be quite stubborn. They like comfort and security a lot and value stability in their own lives.

These signs also have a strong connection to nature and their environment.

earth signs

What Earth Signs Should Look For In A Home

Earth signs are practical and traditional, so they would likely appreciate a home that’s solid and well-built. They also may be more drawn to homes with classic elements and timeless features like hardwood floor or a fireplace.

They would feel most comfortable in a home that has a good structure and was built using high quality materials.

Because of their connection to nature, they would enjoy a home with a garden or near natural surroundings like a forest or park. Having space to grow plants or just enjoy the outdoors will be very important for a Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn looking for a home.


Best Baltimore Neighborhoods For Earth Signs

Earth signs looking to buy a home in Baltimore may be drawn to historic neighborhoods that offer community, stability, and a connection to nature. 

Here are some neighborhoods an earth sign could thrive in:

Roland Park

Known for its tree-lined streets and stately homes, Roland Park offers a sense of stability and traditional charm. It's a well-established neighborhood with a quiet, suburban feel, which can be very appealing to Earth signs looking for a peaceful and structured environment.

Original Northwood

Original Northwood is known for its niche landscaping and old trees. Stone houses and traditional architecture make it an ideal choice for earth signs who desire stability. It’s also close to Herring Run Park and Lake Montebello, which is perfect since earth signs love being around nature.


With its historic homes and manicured lawns, Guilford is another neighborhood that might appeal to Earth signs' appreciation for beauty and tradition. The area is known for its architecturally significant houses and the famous Sherwood Gardens, which could satisfy Earth signs' connection to nature.


For Earth signs who want to be closer to the city while still enjoying a sense of community and stability, Canton is a good choice. It offers a mix of modern amenities and traditional row homes, with easy access to parks and the waterfront.


Earth signs love stable homes with strong foundations, and Ashburn’s single-family, detached houses built in the 1950s definitely provide that. Hardworking earth signs will also appreciate being in a neighborhood known for housing many Baltimore city delegates, former mayors, and other city professionals. 


Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are very social, communicative signs. They love to talk and exchange ideas, and are usually very curious and love to learn new things.

They are intelligent and clever, and usually good at seeing things from different points of view.

Air signs also have an analytical nature and like to think a lot before acting.

However, they are still adaptable and flexible and enjoy having variety and change in their lives. They’re also creative thinkers who can be a bit unpredictable.

Air signs value freedom and don’t like to be restricted, though they are often quite friendly and get along well with different types of people. However, their flighty nature can come across as detached and aloof to others.

air signs

What Air Signs Should Look For In A Home

Since air signs are very social, they’d likely want a home that’s great for entertaining, like an open floor plan home or a house with a large living area. 

They’re also curious and love variety, so they would thrive in a vibrant, diverse neighborhood where they can explore different cultures and activities.

It will also be important for air signs to be close to a library since they’re intellectual and love to learn.

Air signs would also enjoy neighborhoods with unique or interesting design elements in a community-oriented area. Air signs would thrive in a community where it would be easy to meet and interact with neighbors.


Best Baltimore Neighborhoods For Air Signs

Air signs love to socialize so a bustling, community-oriented neighborhood would be a great fit for them. 

Here are some neighborhoods that would match an air sign’s sensibilities:



Waltherson is a great neighborhood for intellectual air signs.

Waltherson is close to Morgan University and is home to many Morgan professors.

It’s one of the biggest neighborhoods in the city, making it ideal for air signs who love to socialize.

Waltherson is also known for having easy access to main street businesses, offering residents more opportunities to connect with each other.

Federal Hill

Known for its vibrant atmosphere and social scene, Federal Hill is great for Air signs who enjoy being around people.

With plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops, it offers a lively environment that's perfect for those who love to explore and socialize.

Federal Hill.Stock.Image



Known for its unique and quirky charm, Hampden might appeal to Air signs' creative and unconventional side.

The area is famous for its vibrant 'Avenue' (36th Street) lined with independent shops, restaurants, and galleries.


Harbor East

For the more modern and upscale Air sign, Harbor East offers a blend of luxury living, fine dining, and high-end shopping.

It's a bustling area that's still close to the water, providing a mix of urban excitement and scenic views.


Ten Hills

Ten Hills is known for its huge homes perfect for entertaining and hosting gatherings.

Many homes in this neighborhood have 5-6 bedrooms and were built during the 1910s. Air signs will delight in the unique, diverse architecture of this neighborhood. 


Water Signs

Water signs in astrology are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. 

These signs are very emotional and often sensitive. They feel things deeply, which makes them very caring and empathetic.

Their rich emotional world also leads them to have a strong sense of creativity and vivid imaginations. Water signs are often drawn to artistic and creative pursuits.

Their strong emotions make them need more time to be alone in a quiet space to recharge and reflect. They can also be moody and get hurt easily.


What Air Signs Should Look For In A Home

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will prefer a home that feels safe and nurturing since they’re a little more sensitive than other signs.

They would love a home with artistic touches or in a community of artists. However, water signs may also prefer a home that’s quiet and comfortable since they can be a bit private and secretive. They would probably like a home that is more secluded or has a private garden or balcony.

Water signs are also often very in tune with nature, so they’d love a home near the water or other natural beauty.

It’s important for water signs to live in a community that’s quiet, relaxed, and nurturing.


Best Baltimore Neighborhoods For Air Signs

Artistic, sensitive water signs will love a neighborhood with lots of cultural attractions that’s close to nature.

Here are some neighborhoods in Baltimore that water signs will love:


Inner Harbor

For Water signs who enjoy being near water but also want the amenities of urban life, the Inner Harbor area offers a nice balance.

It's bustling with activities, scenic views, and access to the water, making it a stimulating yet comforting place to live.



Fells Point

With its historic waterfront charm, Fells Point could be a great match for Water signs.

The cobblestone streets, proximity to the water, and the old-world feel can provide the emotional depth and historical connection that Water signs often cherish.


Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is known for its craftsman style, cottage-like homes and Americana vibes.

It’s a tranquil neighborhood ideal for water signs who want a serene environment.

The fenced-in yards are great for people with dogs and also offer privacy.

Beverly Hills is a close-knit community with welcoming neighbors, perfect for any water sign who craves a home in a safe space.


Mount Washington

This neighborhood provides a more tranquil setting, which can be ideal for Water signs seeking a peaceful retreat.

Mount Washington has a village-like feel with charming homes and a relaxed pace of life.


Fire Signs

Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are the fire signs of astrology.

These signs are energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and bold.

They love going on adventures and trying new things. 

They’re also very passionate about what they do. They’re good leaders and are excellent at inspiring others.

Fire signs are also very positive and are great at seeing the bright side of things.

They can also be impulsive and impatient, and have a strong temper. However, they’re also very generous and warm-hearted.

fire signs

What Fire Signs Should Look For In A Home

Since fire signs love to be close to the action, they’d love living in a downtown area. Fire signs would thrive most in places that have a lot going on and are centrally located to many different activities.

Since they love being around other people, fire signs would also like homes with open floor plans where they can host big gatherings. They would love being in a home that’s bright and sunny and lets in lots of natural light.

A fire sign would also likely be drawn to modern amenities and bold architectural features. Some of the things they’ll look for include updated kitchens, smart home technology, and stylish decor.

Additionally, energetic fire signs should live in a home that has space for a personal gym or be close to other places where they can get physical exercise. 


Best Baltimore Neighborhoods For Fire Signs

Energetic fire signs need a neighborhood that has a lot for them to do and see, with plenty of opportunities to go outside or exercise. 

These neighborhoods would be a great fit for fire signs:


Federal Hill

This neighborhood is lively and full of energy, which is perfect for Fire signs.

Known for its vibrant nightlife, restaurants, and bars, Federal Hill is a great place for those who love to be where the action is.


Madison Park

Nestled between Upton and Bolton Hill, Madison Park is perfect for fire signs looking to live somewhere with bold architecture.

Madison Park is known for its historic row homes and also has access to social activities like community spaces and large religious buildings.

It’s super close to public transit for fire signs who like to go on adventures, and is extremely walkable, making it ideal for commuters. 


Mount Vernon

For Fire signs who enjoy a blend of culture, history, and nightlife, Mount Vernon is ideal.

The neighborhood has a diverse array of restaurants, bars, and cultural landmarks, satisfying the Fire signs' love for exploration and new experiences.



This area is trendy and bustling, appealing to Fire signs' desire for a lively environment.

Canton has a great mix of modern amenities, social hotspots, and access to outdoor activities like jogging along the waterfront.


Reservoir Hill

Reservoir Hill is a unique neighborhood near Druid Hill Park, which is ideal for Fire signs looking to get some outdoor exercise.

Druid Hill Park is one of Baltimore’s biggest green spaces.

Reservoir Hill is also very close to other amenities that will appeal to fire signs including cafes, community gardens, and access to major transportation systems including the LightRail.


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