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Why Barbie Would Love A Mid Century Home


Out with the old, in with the…pink?

Summer 2023 is definitely Barbie season. It’s a bubblegum dreamworld this season with the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie and the millions of brand collaborations celebrating its iconic title character.

Barbie may be all about pink, but what if she needed an off season house other than the famous Dream House? Something more low-key but that could still fit her lifestyle?

We think she’d be all about mid century houses. 


Here’s why Barbie would actually love a mid century modern home (and why you will, too).

Big Windows

Barbie is definitely a beach girl at heart, so she’d love the huge floor-to-ceiling windows of mid century homes. Nature was a super important part of mid century lifestyle, so big windows looking out onto beautiful outdoor scenes were common. Mid century houses are known for their incredible views of the outdoors created with large windows and sliding doors.

Barbie Dream House


Outdoor Access

No matter where she lived, Barbie would get access to the sun with a mid century house. Many mid century homes have multiple ways to access the outdoors. Windows and doors bring a sense of cohesion to the natural features highlighted in these houses.

Barbie Dream House

Vibrant Colors

Pink may be Barbie’s favorite color, but mid century furniture and decor still offer vibrant colors. Mid century modern style fuses bright pops of color with more muted color palettes. Pink might not be in the mix, but she could certainly add in some excitement with reds, oranges, teals, and greens. She could also show off any cute pink vintage appliances or furniture pieces while keeping the vibe retro.

Mid century modern Barbie Dream House


Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans and connecting rooms would be perfect for hosting the big parties the Dream House is probably used to seeing. Everyone who comes to a Barbie hangout will feel included and seen with an open floor plan house. With an open floor plan, Barbie could show off her cute pink retro appliances and pink-tiled floors.

Mid century modern pink kitchen in Barbie Dream House



Mid century homes often have carports, which provide limited protection from the elements and leave cars visible. With this feature, Barbie could easily show off her amazing pink Corvette and give her neighbors major car envy. If she didn’t like that idea, she could repurpose the carport into an outdoor lounge space to host smaller parties.

Barbie pink fiat

Conversation Pits

Late mid-century houses often had “conversation pits,” which were carpeted spaces that used a combination of furniture arrangements and depressed flooring to create a unique gathering space. If Ken was getting on her nerves or she wasn’t feeling a big party, Barbie could use a conversation pit to catch up with the girls.

Mid century modern pink chair

Pink Decor

Barbie’s house wouldn’t have to be all neutral colors to stay mid century. Mid century bathrooms often feature pink tile. You can also get mid century style wallpapers with pink patterns.  

Mid century modern pink flamingo wallpaper in Barbie Dream House

Mid Century Modern, Barbie Style

Mid century modern offers a lot of unique design possibilities. If you live a lifestyle like Barbie, you’ll definitely love a mid century modern home. 

Mid century modern homes can give you lots of options if you love entertaining with open floor plans, split level rooms, and conversation pits. You can create or buy a home that’s great for gathering and celebrating with loved ones. 

You can also bring your personal style into your home with retro appliances and furniture in fun colors or with colorful tiles and wallpaper. There’s no limit to how you can customize your mid century home and make it yours.


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