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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home?


After building so many custom homes, we understand that people have a lot of questions before they start construction. 

Building a custom home is a huge financial and time commitment, and understanding the process can help relieve stress while you’re waiting for your home to be built.

A lot of common questions like “how much does a custom home cost” and “how long will it take to build a custom home” have a single answer: it depends. At guerilla, we work to be as transparent with our clients as possible as we go through the home building process, and we’ll do so in this blog post as well.

Even though construction of a custom home can be affected by many factors outside of our control, we hope to provide some answers to common questions and tell you how you can help the process in this guide.

Keep reading to find out more about what it’s like to build a custom home in Maryland.

How much does it cost to build a custom house?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Custom Home In Maryland?

This is probably the biggest question people want to know about building a custom home: how much does it cost?

There are many factors that go into pricing a custom home, but on average, a 2,500 - 3,000 sq. ft. custom home in the mid-atlantic region (Maryland, DC, Virginia) will cost about $750,000 to build. That includes the cost to build a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house, but not the cost to buy land or demolish an existing building

Does this seem like a lot of money? Here are some common costs associated with building a house:

  • Framing lumber
  • Customizations
  • Worker labor
  • Supply chain issues
  • Material costs

Other factors that can influence how much your home costs include the type of home you build and your location. A small house is going to cost less than a single family home, and building in Maryland is overall less expensive than building in a state like California or New York. 

The more square footage you have and the more unique features you add, the more expensive your home will be.

Is it worth it to pay for a custom home over one that’s already built? Only you can decide.

How Much Does Land and Demolition Add to the Cost of Building a Custom Home? 

You may have noticed that professional services and materials are not enough to build a custom home.

In the mid-atlantic region, you can expect to pay around $250,000 to buy a piece of land and demolish the existing structure to make way for your custom home.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Home?

Building a custom home takes anywhere from 10 months to two years. 

There is no way to guarantee a specific timeline when building a custom home because completion depends on so many different factors. 

Some of these include the size and square footage of your home, the amount of custom features you add, supply chain issues related to materials, weather events while building, and waiting on permits. 

There are many factors we can’t control, but fortunately, there are lots of ways for homeowners to help us through the process. 

For starters, choosing the right builder will help because having a network of reliable contractors and working with a company that’s organized will decrease delays while building. Understanding your own budget will help so you can plan for any unexpected expenses and be able to pay for any surprise must-haves you discover along the way. Being understanding that buying materials and being decisive when choosing features and fixtures will also help speed up the process.

What Features Can You Add To Your Custom Home?

You have big dreams for your dream house. Custom homes provide the opportunity to bring your visions of big picture windows and spiral staircases to life. 

Here are some features that you can add to a custom home:

First Floor Master Suite

Want to live in your home after you retire? Building the master suite on the first floor will help you stay in your home even if you have mobility issues as you age. Building a first-floor master suite will save you money on remodeling your home in the future. 


This may seem like a boring addition to a home, but a mudroom can be a major space-saver. Instead of adding clutter to the rest of your house, you can store more items in a custom mudroom. You can also keep your house cleaner by storing dirty jackets, shoes, and sports equipment in a mudroom.

Home Office

Imagine if you didn’t have to work from your kitchen table and had a space dedicated to work tasks. Having a home office is a great option if you’re looking to boost your working from home productivity and maintain greater work life balance by having a single space where you focus on work in your home.

Walk-In Closet

What’s not to love about a walk-in closet? If your current closets and dressers are overflowing with clothes and shoes, investing in a walk-in closet could be a real lifesaver. If you create a larger closet, you could also add shelving or an island for non-clothing items and increase your storage space.

Bathroom Upgrades

You can create a luxurious bathing experience right in your own home if you build custom. Custom bathrooms can have anything from heated towel racks to motion-activated faucets. You can create a bathroom that meets your needs and makes you feel more relaxed in your custom house.


Why Should You Build A Custom Home?
You Can Future-Proof Your Home

Two of the most common reasons people sell homes are to accommodate a growing family or to downsize as they age. 

With a custom home, you can plan for any big events in the future that could keep you from staying in your home. Building custom not only helps you meet your current needs, but will save you money you would spend on remodeling or downsizing in the future.

You Can Create A Custom Floor Plan

If you have a big family or love to entertain, building a custom home can give you the opportunity to create floor plans that work with your lifestyle.

Whether you want an open floor plan that’s more inviting for guests or to add a conversation pit for gatherings, building a custom home is an amazing opportunity to help you live your best life. You can build a home that’s welcoming and inviting that all your friends and family members will love.

Lower Energy Bills

Saving money on electricity and heating can be a lot easier when you install energy efficient fixtures and appliances from the get go.

Putting these features in your home right away will save you money down the line by keeping you current and up to date when it comes to energy efficiency.

More Control Over Material Quality

When you buy a home, you don’t have any control over the materials that were used to build it. It can be scary and stressful to realize that you need to replace major structural elements of your new house shortly after you bought it because materials are wearing out.

When you work with a good builder, they’ll be able to help you choose high-quality materials that will make your home last. Building custom will ensure your home was built with the best materials and brands that won’t need updating for a while.

You Can Have Budget Flexibility

Yes, building a custom home is more expensive than buying a home. But, when you build your home, you have a lot of control over the price points of everything from materials to special features. 

You can create a home that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Any design considerations will be made with your budget in mind, so your home is only expensive if you want it to be. 


Is It Worth It To Build A Custom Home?

Building a custom home isn’t in everyone’s budget, but it can lead to big savings down the line and help you create a space you can live in for your entire life.

With a custom home, you can build with the future in mind, not just the present. Whether you’re planning for a family or anticipate changes needed as you age, your custom home will be able to fit any lifestyle changes you face in the future.

Building a custom home can ultimately help you avoid future stressors like moving or downsizing and give you a home that’s truly forever.